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Boujee Bubbly

Two zero dosage, Brut Natural style sparkling wines. One Blanc de Blancs, one Rosé. Incredible taste, bright and dry, with tiny active bubbles that keep going all day long. 100% estate grown and produced. This is sparkling wine the way it was meant to be.

Boujee Sparkling Blanc de Blanc and Rosé

This is a special pair of wines. We drink sparkling every day, and we wanted to make something unique for ourselves and our favorite wine club members.

It was even more popular than we could have anticipated, and we’ve ramped up production to try to meet demand. We still use the same exacting methods to produce an absolutely incredible bottle of bubbles worthy of the name Boujee.

We’re using a range of grapes to create complex and layered sparklings that are unlike anything else found in California. Boujee Blanc de Blancs is a blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Viognier, with the Viognier lending a very distinctive fruit to this bright and clean wine. Boujee Rosé draws in the Blanc de Blancs blend and adds Syrah as a substitute for the more common Pinot Noir component, which adds an extra layer of richness.

These wines are unique because of their lack of added sugar at dosage, resulting in a Brut Natural style wine distinct from the more common California Brut wines (which may have up to three teaspoons of sugar added). Not only does this make for a brighter, less sweet wine, but the low viscosity creates tiny, energized bubbles – perfect for enjoying on a special occasion. Made in the style of French Campagne, these are very dry, lovely wines.

We sit on the edge of the Russian River, perfect terroir for sparkling wines. All the grapes used in the wines come from our property. They’re hand riddled ten cases at a time using antique racks from Champagne. These wines are unfined and labeled vegan friendly.

Tasting Room Update

In accordance with the County code we are temporarily closed for tastings. However, we will continue offering wines for shipment, or pick-up at RIVINO Ranch following social distancing protocols. We will be offering curbside pickup as well, for those who want it.

For those who’d prefer to stay at home entirely, we’ll be offering one-penny case shipping and a 20% case discount on all of our wines! Wine Club members will receive an additional 10% off of cases on top of their standard discount – so 25% off for Brook members, 30% off for Eddy members, and 35% off for Whitewater members! Might be time to join

We are suspending our in-person Friday music events until further notice – but we are doing virtual Happy Hours with food to pickup and enjoy. The Boujee tent will be ready to spring back to life once this is past us, and we’ll announce it here and by email as soon as we know when that will be. Stay safe out there!